In 2015, I left my tech job and life in the suburbs with nothing but some belongings, a 26-foot motor-home and my 20-year-old cat. In need of a life shift, an extended road trip alone felt like a great way to get a kick-start. I traveled through seven states over nine weeks and documented the journey. I initially started a blog during that trip to update friends and family on my travels. But, I also saw it as a way to get back to my roots in creative writing after taking a 15-year hiatus.

Attempting to break free from convention to pursue meaningful interests, it seemed necessary to give up my 9 to 5 day job that didn’t serve me purpose emotionally or spiritually. Life is sweet and I try to remind myself of that every single day by choosing to engage in activities that interest and inspire me. Living in the motorhome was a way to live simply so I could work towards my dreams. Though I don’t consider myself a minimalist, I strive to be on that end of the spectrum.

During the winter after my road trip, I decided I wanted to live in a tiny house on wheels and managed to wrangle my boyfriend into helping me build one. That project took the better part of our lives for 13 months. Again, I documented the process on my website to show our progress to friends and family, but I also had other readers in mind who may be interested in building and/or living in a tiny house themselves. And so, I wanted to share my experiences and tidbits I learned along the way.